About Fair Value Group


Fair Value Ltd, is a privately associated corporation (the “Company”). The Company specializes in financial advisory and professional evaluations for the purposes of financial reporting and expert opinions to courts, for tax purposes and regulatory and statutory authorities in Israel and abroad.

The Company has a team of accountants and economist’s experts, highly qualified as financial advisors, and evaluators. Among the Company’s clients are dozens of large private companies and publicly traded companies in Israel.

The Company has four main areas of expertise:

• Corporate Valuation

• Quantitative Finance & Derivative Valuation

• Financial and Economic Modeling

• Litigation and Transaction Support

General Manager of Fair Value Group

Fair Value Company was founded by CPA, Dr. Eli Elal, who has about twenty years of experience in the fields of economic, business consulting, and valuation for many public and private companies. Eli has extensive experience in performing valuations for many public and private companies, including energy companies, security companies, transportation, real estate, infrastructure, banks, and insurance companies, maintenance companies, communication companies, and industrial and commercial companies. Eli conducted and supervised many valuations and economic consulting works and expert opinions, for companies and public and private bodies among the largest in the Israeli economy, courts, and government agencies, with accumulated scopes of tens of billions of shekels.

Dr. Elal has a doctorate in economics, is a certified public accountant, and is accredited as a senior value appraiser (ASA) by the American Society of Appraisers."

Dr. Eli Elal

Valuation Department

Mr. Uri Snopkovsky (MBA) is a partner and head of the Corporate Valuations and Financial Instruments division at Fair Value. He leads a seasoned team of analysts, economists, and accountants with extensive knowledge in accounting, economics, and finance. Uri has a rich experience of about a decade in providing economic consulting and valuations of corporations, intangible assets, tax purposes valuations, purchase price allocation, impairment tests of goodwill, fair opinions, economic examinations, and in-depth analyses of project and investment viability.

Mr. Uri Snopkovsky